#pixnparks 8 (or 7?)… anyway, The Finale!

The perfect ‘rona-safe set of activities for T260 concluded last weekend with our final scheduled Pix-in-Parks challenge: Coyote Lake Harvey Bear. (Those of you with keen eyes that also attended Jimmy’s Eagle Project will have spotted the used fishing line disposal tubes placed along the road along the lakeside)

Despite being close enough to civilization to hear the 101 at times, this 3.5mile loop also offered some lovely forest, and the chance to see deer, birds, cows and even a coyote. We went on a cloudy morning which cleared but still left the skies looking good for some great photos!

For those of you that have done all the Pix-in-Parks “magnificent 7” for 2021, go here to claim you t-shirt of bandana.

A scout stands astride the mighty trail, Click here or the image above for full gallery

4 Replies to “#pixnparks 8 (or 7?)… anyway, The Finale!”

  1. Don’t forget to explore Coyote Lake-Harvey Bear’s other entrances to the west of the reservoir. Lots of “wildlife” if you arrive early! The cows rush down from the hills to be fed at the barn off San Martin Ave.

  2. Pix in Parks was a great way to get active and outdoors during the pandemic! It was fun to spot other T260 families on the trails. 🌳

  3. I agree Marion! It was a great opportunity to encourage a physical activity to do to get us outdoors and in nature. Thank you for suggesting this troop leaders.

  4. Yes I agree that Pixin Park challenge is a great concept to get kids outdoors during pandemic. My Kids really enjoyed every single hike. Thank you for the idea.

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