Policies and guidelines

Policies & guidelines

The Troop is, of course, operated in accordance with BSA policies, all applicable laws and to the greatest extent with best practices for Scouting and youth organisations.

Sometimes, we need to clarify our particular approach, where either there is Troop discretion or lack of clarity.

Covid-19 policy

We continue to evolve our in-practice operational guidelines around handling scouting during Covid-19. We mainly follow local County guidelines

Covid-19 policy

Guidelines on active participation

Many ranks have the requirement to be “active in your troop”. We have issued the following set of guidelines to clarify what this means in our Troop

Guidelines on being active

Two-deep on email

In line with Scouts BSA youth protection guidelines, we have an email alias that should be copied on all email communications between adults and youth: [email protected]

Use of images & recordings

Posting pictures, video and other media of our youth and leaders online (websites, social media) is a matter to be taken carefully. Personal privacy is important now and into the future. We didn’t find a single official source that addressed, so we have pulled together our own policy from a number of BSA policies and guidelines.

In summary, our policy comes down to three points:

  1. Any media captured must, at the time of capture, be compliant with YPT and the Guide to Safe Scouting, or be immediately deleted.
  2. Such media may be shared and published via electronic platforms, like the Troop website or social media.
  3. Names and other personal identifiable information of Scouts will not be directly associated with any media that includes them.

Full policy document with references and analysis here.

FAQ: Girls joining Troop 260

We are starting a girls patrol in Troop 260. We encourage any current or potential scout or associated family member who has any additional questions to contact the Troop Committee Chair or Scoutmaster.

Latest version of FAQs here