#PixNParks #1 – January ’21

Right. We can’t hike together as a Troop with the current viral situ, so in a masterful stroke of program leadership, the Troop is instead using the Santa Clara County PixNParks 2021 challenge to encourage each troop family to get out.

Once per month, we set a particular park challenge, and during that weekend we are all encouraged to (separately) head to the location and grab a pic of ourselves there (and on the way).

Month 1 (January) was the Bass Pond at Joseph D. Grant park. An easy ~2 miles to get everyone back into the swing of things after the holidays. Nice effort T260!

Scouts Richard and Erika M at the Pond (click for full gallery)

Webelos visit

We always really enjoy hosting Webelos (incoming Cub Scouts) as they explore troops in the area they may like to join. Normally, we roll-out our standard round of skill stations: knives, campstoves, first aid – to much fun and enjoyment.

Of course, this time our Patrol Leaders had to re-tool for an online approach – and they did a great job, with interactive presentations, quizzes, demonstrations and stories. It’s not quite as good as getting up close to that big knife for the first time, but still fun!

Turnout was high with about 7 Webelos and some of their family members joining.

ONline webelos session

Winter backyard campout

Everyone needs more camping nights for their ranks and badges. But we are in a county, country and global pandemic lock down.


Let’s do another backyard campout! Fires, tents, camp stoves and card games. The only things missing was the being physically together… and the catholes 🙂

Click the image above, or here, for the full gallery

Kicking-off 2021

Yes, we’re scouting from home again, but that doesn’t stop the crack squad of scouts that form the Troop 260 Patrol Leaders’ Council coming together.

To help scouts advance during this restricted time, we are doing a “focus” badge each month (Pets for January) as well as continuing with our online rank advancement process. For some scouts and adult Merit Badge Counsellors – meeting to review requirements online is actually preferable!

We also have kahoot quizes, self-made instruction videos and other projects on the menu.

Patrol Leaders’ Council underway

Backyard campout #2 (December 2020)

With the Covid situation in Santa Clara County regressing, and a number of scouts keen to rack-up overnight activity nights for rank advancement, the Patrol Leaders’ Council scheduled another backyard campout in December

The weather wasn’t too cold – but it did rain the next morning! Not a problem for all the expertly pitched tents from T260 🙂

(noting that for team Davis, who were mid-way through a back-yard renovation, this did result in an unexpected mud bath on the way to preparing the morning cup of tea)

Well done Troop in keeping your experience fresh – we are all looking forward to real adventures as soon as possible.

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