Trip Report: Pinecrest Lake

We went up to Pinecrest Lake for our May canoe trip, as a visit to the area before Camp Hi Sierra in June! The paddle was fantastic, and the views of the surrounding forest were pristine.

On the drive up, we stopped by two gas stations because the food mart wasn’t open at the first one, and arrived at Pinecrest Lake by 10:30am. We unloaded the canoes by 11am, and paddled on the circumference of the lake, which is just under 4mi. We then stopped for lunch at a picnic spot- some scouts waded to a nearby island to enjoy their lunch, while others stayed by the lakeshore picnic tables. After lunch, we paddled back to the dock, and spent some time practicing steering strokes (C, D, & J strokes + ruddering), in preparation for the upcoming 50miler. Then, we loaded up the canoes, paddles and pfds, and headed to our campsite.

Our campsite was none other than an area near aquatics, in Camp Hi Sierra! Scouts and adults got to experience the camp in a different way, as we were the only ones there. Everyone set up camp and cooked their food (we drew clean water from the bathroom sinks), and scouts enjoyed playing several rounds of the card game “go fish!” before sunset.

We drove back in the morning, and finished unloading and washing the canoes by lunchtime.

Paddling on the circumference- Full photo album

Eagle Project: Allison D. (May 2022)

This weekend, Allison completed her Eagle project at Martial Cottle Park. After advertising and gathering materials, Allison led a group of volunteers to build and extend a compressed gravel path leading to a nearby pavilion, for Our City Forest. Volunteers were split into groups, and put gravel into wheelbarrows, cut and screw the wooden edging for the path, and dug the path.

Allison has been with the troop since 2015, and is a former PL, current ASPL, and soon-to-be eagle scout. The project had an amazing turnout (~36 volunteers!), and also inspired Our City Forest to improve the rest of their paths. Well done Allison, and congratulations!