The increasing importance of Scouting

[su_quote cite=”The Economist, 27 Jan 2018″]The number of megacities with populations of more than 10m has doubled to 29 in the past 20 years, and each year nearly 80m people are moving from rural to urban areas[/su_quote]
Our Troop has a focus on being outside: on hiking, backpacking, canoeing. We consider a high-adventure, outdoor experience to be fundamental to scouting.

At least every month we have a weekend away. In the summer our 50-miler and attendance at Camp Hi-Sierra last for a whole week.

Seeing the above statistics on a rapidly urbanizing society, I imagine what we offer as a Troop becoming ever more important.

If you aren’t already taking part, do join us! New scouts and family members are always welcome. If you are already involved – see you next month for Henry Coe 😀