Knots, games & girls

The scouts had an excellent evening last week practicing some of the basic knots needed for Trail to First Class (and that are generally useful to know). After some patrol time, they finished with a “pet rescue” game, simulating the need to throw a rope and then tie a bowline. Much hilarity – and a little bit or rule stretching – ensued!

Re-introducing formal meeting plans is having a really positive impact.

This was also the first evening when our new female youth patrol joined. With the formal expansion of the scouting program to all youth from February next year,  Troop 260 is making an early start – capturing interest and developing skills.

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New library page

Hi all – the Forms page is now the Library page with a bunch of expanded content.

Stuff for scout meetings, like meeting plan templates, games and activity resources. Also admin forms you need for medicals and expenses.

This section of the site will grow over time.

First aid fun!

First Aid is one of the classic scouting core skills. The Troop planned a couple of activities this week: first some skills practice on splints and bandaging, followed by a hand-carry race.

Fortunately none of the skills practiced were needed and much fun was had. Doing the race brought home the impact of having to deal with an injured person on an expedition – it’s not easy.

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So court, much honor, wow

We had a double-header at the start of June for Courts of Honor

  1. Scout Steven T – our 102nd Eagle Scout (since modern record keeping in the Troop began)
  2. General CoH – the day after

It was a rousing Eagle CoH for Steven, the eldest of three brothers active in the Troop. A great event, with some great food afterward (oooh, that cake!) Check out the photos in our 2018 Gallery.

Our general Troop CoH was the Monday right after. This was a bit thinner on rank advancements, our newest Scout Aidan L getting his initial rank of Scout (and a natty retro 70s badge to boot). Andrew M snagged a couple more merit badges in absentia as part of his Eagle Palm strategy 🙂 A few pictures also in the gallery and the slide shows (courtesy of ASM Phil) up on our YouTube channel.