Lashings & pioneering games

Square lashings, whippings and a bunch of poles – what could possibly not be fun?!

The scouts of Troop 260 enjoyed themselves last night learning some age-old Scout skills and then testing them in an internal carry game. Enjoy some pics below:


PLC via Discord

It may be the last day of the year, but that doesn’t stop the Troop from holding it’s PLC to plan January events.

SPL Tristan had the great idea to do it using Discord – the scouts have settled on Discord as their default messaging tool. Live planning without the burden of leaving your house on a chilly New Year’s Eve 👍

Bear Grylls becomes Chief Ambassador for World Scouting

Ever watched this daring do programmes where Bear drinks water from camel dung, or fashions a jacket from the skin of a dead seal? Did you catch the purple Scouting emblem on his jacket?

Currently UK Chief Scout, Bear is taking on a new role as Chief Ambassador for World Scouting.

One of my first tasks as Chief Ambassador, will be to represent us at an event at the United Nations headquarters to launch Scouts for SDGs – a mobilisation of 50 million Scouts, with the goal of making the world’s largest coordinated youth contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs

Read the blog post here.

New Eagles (almost)!

A massive “well done” to Scouts Aidan and John for successfully completing their Eagle Scout Boards of Review on Wednesday this week!

Once we hear back from National that they are fully confirmed, they will be the Troop’s 103rd and 104th Eagle Scouts.

Dates and details of their Eagle Courts of Honor will be available in the coming weeks.

Aidan – Eagle Board of Review
John Eagle Board of Review

Trip report: Mt Umunhum

The troop spent a long weekend in October getting exposure to shooting sports: archery, BB guns, .22 rifles and shotguns. We also threw in some mountain top camping with beautiful vistas and an Iron Chef breakfast competition.

The weather was kind, with little wind and warm sunny skies, which made for no excuses when targets were missed!

31 people in total took part, including about half the boys and girls in the Troop along with 18 adults.

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New Senior Patrol Leader

The scouts voted last night on who they wanted to be their Senior Patrol Leader. Congratulations to Tristan!

A huge thanks for the other scouts that also stood for election. Putting yourself forward can be daunting, but is much appreciated and respected.

Aiden will join Tristan as ASPL and by the end of next week’s meeting, all other leadership positions will have been decided.

There was big applause for Steven who had been our gallant SPL for the best year, alongside gaining his Eagle rank!

Trip Report: Lake Sonoma canoeing

The Troop visited a new, reasonably local, canoeing spot last weekend – Lake Sonoma (Hat tip to John L for finding this new spot and booking it).

We fielded a modest sized crew of 13 – thankfully Scout Aiden as acting SPL had his navigation skills in play and was able to guide the (often mis-guided) adults and the rest of his scouts to the overnight camp. The paddle was a bit longer than normal – about 7 to 8 miles, but we were helped by a slight wind at our backs.

There were a good number of power boats out, but the no-tow zone was quickly reached and the crenelated shoreline made for an interesting paddle.

  • Pros: Relatively easy to get to, relatively easy put in, minimal inspection hassle, lots of boat camping sites, average number of power boats and picnic tables, chemical toilets and fire pits per site.
  • Cons: It is a long paddle with potential for strong headwinds, the Sunday drive home has several heavy traffic choke points. (North of SF Bay has potential for heavy rain in winter months.)
  • Also… there is a camp on an Island only a couple of miles from the put-in… next time!

In the words of our Scoutmaster: The pros outweigh the cons – we will be back

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10,000 meals in 2 hours!

Today, we had the chance to support our Charter Org (Christ the Good Shepherd Church) in a great service project: packaging 10,000 meals for the charity Rise Against Hunger

The Troop had a great showing – 10 Scouts and 4 Adults – and we helped from setup at 10:00 all through to the final sweep at 2pm. Our support was welcomed multiple times by the Church and the Rise representative.

It was a great chance to log some service hours for the Scouts whilst putting on a strong showing for our Charter org that continues to be very supportive on a number of fronts.

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Trip Report: 50-miler 2018 – the Lost Coast

Beach, bluff & blood

I expect everyone is home now and has showered, thrown their clothes in the laundry (or trash) and is looking forward to a big dinner!

I really enjoyed the trip and we had a good crew, so thank you to all the hikers. I heard few complaints (most were from me about mixing heavy packs and loose sand), and I am very happy about our choice to go to the Lost Coast. I am missing sitting on the beach during the evening waiting for the sun to set. Strangely, I am also missing going to the local stream or pond to wash my hair. We had some great camp sites- Cooksie Creek and Miller Flat were my favorites.

We learned some things about food. Personally, I lost 6.5lbs this week, and that was post Arizona Ice Tea, Taco Bell and McDonald’s french fries today. We brought enough food (we couldn’t have carried more), but we’ll need to ensure our calorie count is higher for future trips.

Also, thank you to our logistics crew of Kathy, Phil and Alison Davis. Helping shuttle cars around saved lots of time, extra hiking and headaches.

I’m glad we returned with all 13 hikers in much the same physical condition as when they left. However, spend a moment for our “fallen”, including Marion’s Aerobie (which is sailing somewhere in the Pacific), Donald’s glasses (which are now a kit loosely assembled with duct tape), Donald’s Kindle (1/3 of the screen still works), Donald’s disposable razor (in two pieces but evidently functional), Niko’s left boot (still serviceable and fashionable wrapped in bright green duct tape with some excellent cobbling by Allen) and Enzo’s tent pole (not an antenna, Enzo!).

I hope everyone had an enjoyable time and feels a sense of accomplishment.

Enjoy the extensive photo gallery below!

Scoutmaster Scott