Calero Reservoir canoeing – 2112

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Winter Court of Honor – 2112

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Lake Millerton – 2111

Cruising on the Lake – full photo gallery

Mt Umunhum – 2110

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Eagle Project: Niko T. – 2110

More planter action in the full picture gallery

Millerton Lake – 2109

A full complement: full gallery here

Canoe Skillz @ Shoreline Lake – 2108

On the water, learning the basics – click for full gallery

Canoe cleaning and prep – 2108

Scouts, Hoist!! – Click above or link to left for full gallery

50-miler 2021: Emigrant Wilderness – 2108

The beauty and majesty of the Sierra mountains

Lost Spring (Henry Coe) – 2107

The perfect spot for an ambush

Wilderness First Aid – 210717

Intrepid training

Camp Hi-Sierra – 2106

Another awesome year – good to be back!

Tristan D, Eagle Court of Honor – 210618

A suite of Davis pride

Ohlone Trail to Boyd Camp – 210606

The glorious outhouse at Boyd Camp, click image above or here for full gallery.

Pack 259 Bridging

T260 sucks up an entire pack, and there is still room for more (Hilbert’s hotel?) – gallery here, or click above.

#pixnparks Coyote Lake Harvey Bear – 2105

A scout stands astride the mighty trail, Click here or the image above for full gallery

#pixnparks Calero – 2105

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Quicksilver hike – 210501

Cover photo - Almaden quicksilver 210501 photo gallery
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Alviso Sunnyvale hike – 210421

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#pixnparks Rancho san Antonio & Hellyer: 2103 / 2104

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#pixnparks Mt Madonna & Lexington 2102 / 2103

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Emily C’s Eagle Project – 2102

Emily and Alison paint
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#pixnparks Joseph Grant – 2101

Scouts Richard and Erika M at the Pond (click for full gallery)

Backyard campout – 210116

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