Blood, compress, action!

A hardy bunch of 14 scouts and adults spent the last weekend (and I mean all weekend) doing their CPR and Wilderness First Aid. Scouting guidelines require WFA trained adults on high adventure activities – and that sounds like Troop 260.

These certifications have to be renewed every two years. We refreshed our skills to assess, triage, and decide whether to evac. We are up to date on our RICE, SAMPLE, BACDE, AVPU. Bring on the adventures.

Full gallery here

Explosive growth for spring 2019!

Maybe it’s been the wet and warm winter and spring that we’ve had around San Jose, but it isn’t just the flowers that are blooming: Troop 260 has welcomed 15 new scouts (boys and girls) to its roster in the past few months!

Many have come directly from cub packs, bridging over in key transition ceremonies. [see some pictures of these events below]. Others have joined directly. We welcome them all and look forward to the adventures they will have, and the leadership opportunity they open to our older scouts.

A huge welcome also to the families and guardians of these new Scouts. There are many adventures for you also ahead! Scouting is a family enterprise and we need and expect active family engagement to continue the vitality of our program.

Gail Cahn: a sad farewell, and grateful thanks

It is with much sadness that Troop 260 mourns the passing of one of our own, Gail Cahn.

Gail passed away peacefully at home on Sunday at 12:30am in the circle of husband, Mark, and her children Tzvia and Omri. We feel deep sorrow for their loss, and extend the Troop’s condolences and support to Mark, Tzvia, Omri, Mike, Ruth, Robert, and all other members of the Cahn/Actor family.

Gail’s impact to the Troop spans decades. She infused Troop 260 with the same enthusiasm and joy she brought to her high school science classroom. Gail was an active member on dozens of Eagle Boards of Review, making her personal contributions to the Troop’s style. She guided countless subcommittee meetings that have shaped Troop policy. Gail was an active force in bringing girls into the troop. Gail also ran Troop Committee meetings when called upon, with only the required minimum of objection!

Our summer program would not be what it is if not for her skill and leadership. Gail was a counselor for nine merit badges. With her awesome map and compass skills, Gail was the best navigator that Troop 260 had in the Boundary Waters, on Green River and the Upper Missouri River. Gail was proud parent and Eagle Mom. Gail’s impact on Troop 260 was massive and she will be missed.

A memorial service will be held for Gail on Wednesday, March 27th at 4:00pm: Temple Emanu-El, 1010 University Ave, San Jose, CA 95126. Questions regarding the memorial service can be directed to either Stephanie or Iris at the Temple: 408-292-0939.

Shiva services (mourners’ service) will be held at the Cahn home Monday-March 25th, Tuesday-March 26th, and Thursday-March 28th, at 5:00pm each day: 1617 Knollwood Avenue, San Jose.

Please bring a refreshment to share for the memorial service at the Temple and the Cahn’s when they are sitting shiva.

We are ready to welcome female youth to Scouts!

Troop 260 is ready to welcome female youth looking to join us having fun and adventure outdoors.

Female youth will join our established Serpent’s Patrol (5 girls and counting), and be administratively a member of Troop 2260. We will operationally be acting as a single unit – Troop 260 – sharing the same program, committee and charter organisation. We have a long history with female leaders, adult volunteers and family members as an integral part of our adventures, and are excited that there is now a chance for female youth to formally participate and be recognized for the experience and skills they gain.

Our Troop has long believed that scouting should be open to all. We have a proud history of including families for decades in our activities. We took a stand in 1992 about supporting gay scouts, and are happy to echo that drive for equality and inclusivity again. We are convinced that the fully gender-integrated approach of programs like Venturing, Sea Scouts, and STEM Scouts will eventually come to Scouts BSA.

At the same time, we do not wish to jeopardize the ability of our female (and female identifying) youth to advance in ranks and earn merit badges. Forming Troop 2260 allows them to have a compliant achievement record in Scouts BSA that will take them through to Eagle Scout.

The policy position that we adopted early in 2018 has guided us well, and we will continue to ensure it is aligned with National policy, especially Youth Protection best practices, the values and goals of our Troop, and common sense.

It is a landmark moment to say that our door is officially open to all youth! We look forward to supporting all our scouts on their own journey of adventure, discovery and leadership.

New Senior Patrol Leader

The scouts voted last night on who they wanted to be their Senior Patrol Leader. Congratulations to Tristan!

A huge thanks for the other scouts that also stood for election. Putting yourself forward can be daunting, but is much appreciated and respected.

Aiden will join Tristan as ASPL and by the end of next week’s meeting, all other leadership positions will have been decided.

There was big applause for Steven who had been our gallant SPL for the best year, alongside gaining his Eagle rank!

So court, much honor, wow

We had a double-header at the start of June for Courts of Honor

  1. Scout Steven T – our 102nd Eagle Scout (since modern record keeping in the Troop began)
  2. General CoH – the day after

It was a rousing Eagle CoH for Steven, the eldest of three brothers active in the Troop. A great event, with some great food afterward (oooh, that cake!) Check out the photos in our 2018 Gallery.

Our general Troop CoH was the Monday right after. This was a bit thinner on rank advancements, our newest Scout Aidan L getting his initial rank of Scout (and a natty retro 70s badge to boot). Andrew M snagged a couple more merit badges in absentia as part of his Eagle Palm strategy 🙂 A few pictures also in the gallery and the slide shows (courtesy of ASM Phil) up on our YouTube channel.

BSA focus on female youth participation

Now that female youth are welcomed in Cubs and scouts is opening up to female youth too, it is great to see official BSA communications highlighting their participation.

The latest Scouting Wire has a feature story on female Cubs participating in the recent pinewood derby.

Here at Troop 260, our focus has long been on high adventure scouting for all the family. Watch this space for upcoming information on how we are moving early to formally extend our Troop to female youth.

First (partly) online committee meeting

It can sometimes be hard to get out of the house to attend a Committee meeting. At Troop 260 we understand that, and are trialing ways that families and committee members can participate in our monthly meetings remotely.

Tonight was our first effort – and we managed to have a couple of people on throughout the whole meeting despite some flaky wifi. Partial success and something to build on for next month!

Scout presenting at committee meeting
Scout presenting at committee meeting