#PixNParks #1 – January ’21

Right. We can’t hike together as a Troop with the current viral situ, so in a masterful stroke of program leadership, the Troop is instead using the Santa Clara County PixNParks 2021 challenge to encourage each troop family to get out.

Once per month, we set a particular park challenge, and during that weekend we are all encouraged to (separately) head to the location and grab a pic of ourselves there (and on the way).

Month 1 (January) was the Bass Pond at Joseph D. Grant park. An easy ~2 miles to get everyone back into the swing of things after the holidays. Nice effort T260!

Scouts Richard and Erika M at the Pond (click for full gallery)

2 Replies to “#PixNParks #1 – January ’21”

  1. Well done to everyone who completed the PixInPark virtual hike at Joseph Grant park this weekend! If you missed it, that is ok, the trails are still there and plan a time in the future!

    On February 20-21, we will have our seconde “hike” of the Troop 260 PixinParks Challenge. This will be at Lexington Reservoir and St Joseph’s Hill. Details can be found on the Troop 260 calendar as well as the Santa Clara County PixinParks web page.

    What makes the February hike a little different is you have a choice to hike or bicycle! So all you “gear heads” out there, get your mountain bikes tuned up and ready for the next T260 PiP Challenge!

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