Trip report: Big Basin Lane Camp

It was very pretty scenery, the trees were lovely. Since it had rained recently, the streams running through the forest were full. We also practiced our map reading and compass setting so we could make sure we were on the right trail.Scout H

Despite a forecast of heavy rain and just above freezing temperatures, a group of 12 set out last Saturday for our March backpacking weekender. (“High adventure” doesn’t mean staying at home if it looks inclement, right?!)

Everyone was well prepared, with waterproof gear, changes of warm clothing and navigation. To our pleasant surprise the rain largely stayed away and we enjoyed a fabulous 12.5 mile loop trek through some stunning woodlands.

Overnight was cold, about 35F/2C but everyone fared pretty well, some pulling on their extra clothing layers. Possibly the 3 packs of Oreos consumed after dinner helped provide some of the Scouts with the energy they needed to stay warm!

Scout J even got to practice some resilience and initiative when realizing he’d forgotten his tent poles! Nothing some trees and 8m of paracord couldn’t solve 🙂

I enjoyed the scenery the most and that it didn’t rain. The trees were nice and lush from the recent wetness and so it wasn’t as dry as usual.Scout E

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